Popular Video Game Angers Some Parents

Lynchburg, VA - It's one of the hottest video games out there; just released last week, Grand Theft Auto Five is already raking in reportedly more than $1 billion in sales.

If you have a little one and they've been begging you to buy them this game, you may want to think twice.

We got a news tip from a concerned parent of twin 12 year old boys, he writes:

"Before allowing my sons to have this game I decided to do some research. It turns out that "GTA5" has explicit sexual situations including moaning prostitutes, nudity, abusive behavior toward women and over 150 "F" bombs. Now my 12 year old sons were quick to point out that all of their friends would be getting this game and they too had to have it."

Which begs the question; do parents really know what's in this game?

Known for its controversial content, The Grand Theft Auto video game legacy, is one of the most successful in the world.

The company that makes it announcing three days after its release, sales for the fifth installment of the game grossed $1 billion.

People are buying it.

But would you? And what about for your kids, after all, they're the ones that usually drag parents to the store.

"I don't think I would, No" said one man.

"It's just got pretty graphic stuff in it, and it's pretty violent" said another.

And it's not shy about it. The game warns right on its cover: intended only for mature audiences.

"Yes Grand Theft Auto has plenty of violence in it as a lot of games do, but plenty of games also say right on the box, this game is rated "M" for mature for this, this, and this, which would be the same rating as "R" for a movie" said another man.

And employees of game stores are legally forbidden to sell it to those under 17, or those knowingly purchasing it for a minor.

For some though, those restrictions aren't enough, "I think people get so accustomed to playing guns and violent things that it becomes part of the culture" said one woman.

That same angry father told us many of his twelve year old sons' friends at school, have the game.

Saying, "My concern is with careless parenting that allows a twelve year old to play a game that is restricted by the maker to absolutely no one under 17."

So it seems parents, unaware or otherwise, continue to buy this for their kids.