Jake's on Main Loses Main Street Address in Danville

Danville, VA - It's the same Jake's...just not on Main. Don't worry, the popular restaurant and bar isn't going anywhere, but co-owner Connie Eckman says the construction downtown has taken the street right from under them.

"It's a problem not actually having Main Street in front of us anymore. Plus, we lose all the business that would drive by us, " Eckman said.

The street plays a big part in their branding - Main Street and what it represents means a lot for businesses in small towns all across the country.

Eckman also says the changes have made it hard to find the restaurant on a GPS.
"The GPS is what's most important to us because we are number one on trip advisor and we do get a lot of out of town folks, " she said.
Eckman says business is down by 25 percent after the loss of their outdoor seating, but city officials say this dirt space will soon be transformed into the focal point of the city.
City Engineer Kent Shelton says the area will be called Gateway Plaza when it's finished at the end of year.
He hopes the fountain and brick walkways will make the area more inviting, and safer than the way it was before.
"One of the issues was the safety of pedestrians parking in the parking lot on one side of the street then crossing over to get to the restaurant, and we just felt it would be a better situation, " said City Engineer Kent Shelton, and good news for folks who miss dining outside.
The tables and chairs may be returning soon.
"There will be enough of the area available to put tables and chairs outside towards the end of next week, " Shelton said.
The city offered Eckman a Patton Street address, but she and her husband have not made a decision yet.
They are considering keeping the name Jake's on Main despite the changes, but they invite you to send feedback to their Facebook page.