Popular Bedford Area Chicken Dies

Bedford, VA - A chicken that had been roosting outside a Bedford fast food restaurant for the last month, after hitching a ride in a man's pick-up truck has died.

Workers at Hardee's on East Main Street and the dentist office next door say a mother and son showed up this morning, saying they wanted to take the hen back to their farm.

The workers claim the duo chased the bird into the street, where she was hit by a car.

Customers who had gotten used to seeing the chicken miss her already.

"It was just like it was at home over there scratching around. Come across the street. But one of the girls in there said she was afraid that somebody was going to hit it in the street," said one costumer.

The workers had nicknamed the chicken Henny Penny.

City police say they hadn't gotten any complaints about the chicken, but had planned to capture her.