Poplar Forest Holds 28th Annual Independence Day Celebration

Forest, VA- Thursday's on and off rain showers didn't keep people from Poplar Forest for the 28th Annual Independence Day celebration.

For kids and adults, there was some interactive history too -- like a chance to sign the Declaration of Independence yourself.

It's just a replica.

July 4th was very important to Thomas Jefferson. He's quoted saying, "The only birthday I ever commemorate is that of our Independence, the Fourth of July"

And what better way to celebrate the holiday than at Jefferson's retreat.

"Sometimes people go to the lake, celebrate with cookouts, celebrate with family...they have fireworks. It's wonderful but sometimes take time at a Founding Father's home to really think and kinda meditate on what the Declaration means," said Kelcey Thurman, Director of Communications

Our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence 237 years ago.