Poor Side Road Conditions Close Danville Schools Again Friday

Danville, VA - Students in Danville are having what some of them might think is the best week ever.

Danville Schools were closed again Friday after Tuesday's snow storm.

The roads there are clear, however, and it has some people scratching their heads as to why.

School officials tell ABC 13 not until every road in the city is safe for travel and say the decision isn't made quickly.

Communications Director Melany Stowe says looks can be deceiving.

"While the main roads are clear, a lot of secondary roads are not," Stowe said.

Administrative staff members drove around Thursday night. They saw ice still covering many secondary roads throughout the city.

"They actually go and drive the roads. They know the roads that are hilly, they know the roads and the routes that have the most problems," Stowe said.

Much of that snow and ice has melted now, but Stowe says a few schools still had icy walkways Thursday night which means all schools had to close.

"We had a bus loop at one of our elementary schools that was completely covered in ice. It is an all or nothing call. Either all schools go or don't go," Stowe said.

Even if just a handful of streets still have lingering slick spots, Stowe says it is not worth putting the students at risk.

"We are responsible of the safety of 6,000 students, and it doesn't matter where they go to school. We have to look at the big picture and keep everyone safe," Stowe said.

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