Police Watching for DUIs Over New Year's Eve

Lynchburg, VA - Law enforcement agencies across Central Virginia are really trying to drive home a warning before you head out on New Year's Eve. Don't drink and drive.

A warning - some are even posting graphic pictures to get your attention. Bedford police posted a picture of a mock crash hoping to cause shock and awe before you get behind the wheel Tuesday.

Lynchburg Police will be implementing what they call saturation patrols. There will be more officers out on the streets watching for the first signs a driver may be drunk. Officer Ronnie Sitler says that a new penalty is in effect for first offense DUIs. It's called "Intermission Interlock" and it's a machine you will be responsible for buying if you are convicted of driving under the influence. The machine is placed in your car, and you are required to give a breath sample before starting the ignition. Officer Sitler says this software is very expensive and is now a requirement for all DUI offenders. His best advice, just don't drink and drive.

"By all means celebrate New Year's and I hope everyone has a great new year, but you don't want to be involved in a crash on the first day of the year or get arrested. If you're going to drink anything alcoholic, make the decision to have someone else drive you home before you take your first drink," said Officer Sitler.

State Police say they will be out conducting checkpoints. They encourage having a designated driver or calling a cab to get home.