Police Stress Motorcycle Awareness on the Road

Lynchburg, VA- {}According to the Lynchburg Police Department there have been 21 motorcycle accidents this year in Lynchburg alone.

Motorcyclists have to be even more aware than automobile drivers since they just don't have as much protection on the road.

Cars are one of the biggest threats to motorcyclists.

"In most cases, the motorcycle rider is paying attention; they're some of the safest drivers on the road because they need to be. There's less protection when you're on a motorcycle," said Doug Roh who is the Sales Manager at Virgil Naff.

According to Roh, the best way to stay noticed by cars is to ride a bright colored motorcycle. If you have a dark one, then make up for it with fluorescent clothing.

"Sometimes they're looking for another car, they're not looking for something smaller like a motorcycle," said Roh.

Police say there are normally two causes of motorcycle accidents. If it's a single motorcycle accident, it's normally the cyclist going too fast into a curve and losing control. If it's multi-vehicle, it's normally due to a car not seeing the cyclist and cutting into their lane.

{}"You always need to keep in mind that the other drivers aren't paying attention or looking out for you. They're usually texting or doing something in the car they're not supposed to be doing and not paying attention to what's going on around them," said Officer M.D. Bauserman of the Lynchburg Police Department's Traffic Safety Unit.

The main thing for both car and motorcycle drivers to remember: be aware.

"Cars need to be looking out for everything when they're out there," said Roh.

"Pay attention to what you're doing and hopefully everyone around you will do the same," said Officer Bauserman.

Prime motorcycle season is spring and summer-but there will still be plenty of cyclists out enjoying the autumn colors as well as the few remaining warm days.

Always be a defensive driver whether you drive a car or a motorcycle.


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