Police Stepping Up Patrols for New Year's Night

Lynchburg, VA - Police all over the area tell us they're stepping up patrols Tuesday night, keeping an eye out for suspected drunk drivers.

Senior Specialist Mike Howard with Lynchburg Police is one of the extra officers out Tuesday evening. Howard says if you're out and see someone driving erratically, do not hesitate to call police.

"Someone swerving or coming across the double yellow line or hitting the white line, that appear to be driving abnormally, going across the lines, definitely call us and give us as much pertinent information as you can. You can give us the tag number, the vehicle make, the number of occupants and what they're doing specifically. So we know how we need to respond," said Howard.

Police say they're also busy on New Year's Eve with shots fired calls after midnight, noise complaints, and drunk in public and disorderly conduct calls.