Police Searching For Suspects Shooting BB or Pellet Guns

Danville, VA -- Danville police are trying to find the person or people who are shooting BB or pellet guns at people and property. Police say in the last few weeks they've had 8 reports.

Captain Dennis Haley says most of the damage has been to cars, leaving them with dents. But he says two people have reported getting hit, one even had to get medical attention. Haley says this crime has reached felony levels based on the damage.

"The individuals who were doing this are probably getting a lot of enjoyment from it, they think it's funny, just committing acts of vandalism...they think it's almost like a game," says Haley.

Witnesses have reported they believe the suspects were in a white Dodge or Chrysler mini-van. If you have any information, call Danville police.