Police Search for New Clues in 'Suspicious' Death

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg police hope an autopsy sheds new light on the death of a 29-year-old woman, found shot inside a home on Perrymont Avenue Thursday afternoon.

A department spokesman says it will help investigators determine whether any crime occurred.

Right now, police are looking at three scenarios: Whether this was a suicide, an accidental shooting, or a homicide.

There are very few details about Amy Hewett, the 29-year-old woman, whose death Lynchburg police are calling 'suspicious.'

Just after noon Thursday, police discovered Hewett's body at 604 Perrymont Avenue.

"Essentially we responded for a female that had a sustained gunshot wound. Whether it was created by somebody else or self-inflicted, we're just not able to say," Lt. Dave Gearhart explained.

According to online records, Muncie Kersey lives at the address where the body was discovered.

Lynchburg police say Kersey's not a suspect and don't know what his relationship is with Hewett. But they confirm Kersey was at home when police arrived.

One day later, investigators are busy sorting through the evidence looking for any leads.

"They are basically seeking out witnesses that may have been on the scene or not on the scene. They're also waiting for autopsy reports," said Lt. Gearhart.

Don Love lives a few houses down from Kersey and says he seemed like a nice guy when the two met last summer.

"He came by my house for a yard sale. I had an old stop light for sale that he was wanting to buy. His wife wouldn't let him buy it," Love recalled of the conversation.

When police tape cordoned off the neighborhood and investigators pulled up to Kersey's house Thursday, Love wished he'd dropped off that stop light for free.

"We need to start asking: 'what are other neighbors struggling with?' It's partly because we haven't shown love to them that these things come about," Love added.

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