Police Say Rivermont Road Rage to Blame for Evening Car Fire

Lynchburg, VA - Police say road rage is how a public confrontation in Lynchburg started Tuesday, after a car rammed the other and the two drivers then started fighting.

The two Lynchburg men could be looking at assault and battery and reckless driving charges.

It was a car fire Lynchburg police say that ignited a brawl. Witnesses watched the two men battle it out in broad daylight in the middle of Magnolia Avenue.

"Just started going at it, you know? Spun around a few times and they started throwing haymakers" said Joe Jordan.

Jordan saw the fight play out while walking to a nearby park with his family.

"They were screaming at each other and they just started punching each other and all the while, his car started on fire and it was just going up in smoke and they didn't seem to care" he said.

"We just heard a big boom and we looked and there was a white truck in front of the white Altima and he hit him, and then he bared back and he hit him again" said another witness.

Police say the driver of a white Nissan Altima rammed a pick-up truck two times. The second hit sent the car up in flames.

Thankfully an ambulance was driving close by, "And then they just let them fight it out until police got here, and then a fire truck got here and put the fire out" said Jordan.

Police wouldn't get into the relationship between the two men, only saying the driver of the truck is married and that the altercation somehow involved his wife.

Witnesses say the fight lasted the entire time until police arrived. No injuries to report, only potential charges facing both of the drivers.