Armed Robbery Victim in Serious Condition, Police Seek Suspect

Roanoke, VA -Roanoke Police are looking for a man who shot a Shewels furniture store employees he took a bank bag from him.Investigators believe the victim left the store just after ten and was approached by a black man wearing a black hoodie as he sat in his pickup truck.Finding the passenger door locked police say the robber fired into the passenger window, striking the victim several times before taking the bag and fleeing."When I heard the first two I immediately knew it was gunshots..."Jamilee Arthur was on her way home to Lynchburg when she heard the gunfire."I seen the victim lying on the ground and I went up to him. I asked the two gentlemen to hand me shirts so I could put on his wound to stop his bleeding," said an emotional Arthur.One of those men was Randy Davenport - who had just flown in from Nashville, within that hour, to visit his brother."This goes on everywhere. Big towns... small towns," said Davenport. They too heard the gunfire and looked up to see the victim's white truck streaking through the parking lot."Then we see the truck going backwards hitting all these cars. Then it finally stopped; the door swung around and there wasn't anybody in it," said Davenport.The victim's screams of pain, about 100 yards away,brought them to Jamilee Arthur... who by then was reliving her own nightmare. It's what forced her to drive toward the gunfire before it all stopped. You see, in 2005 she, herself, was nearly shot and killed in Bedford County. At that time, she says bystanders didn't help her."I could never think of somebody... it happening to someone else and me not have any type of action to help, or prevent it or at least try to save him," said Arthur.All afternoon officers searched the area - which is across from William Fleming High School. That school is out on spring break.Police have yet to arrest a suspect.Anyone with any information call call the Roanoke Valley Crime Line at 540-344-8500.
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