Police Release 911 Tapes From New River Community College Shooting

Christiansburg, VA - The 911 calls from the day of the shootings at New River Community College's mall campus in Christiansburg have been released.

They reveal call after call to 911 came in on the afternoon of April 12th; some from students, others from shoppers and employees at the mall.

And all of them had the same message.

Dispatcher: "Christiansburg 911, what's your emergency?"

Caller: "Hi, someone just ran into the New River Community College with a shotgun, told everyone to run."

Dispatcher: "New River Community College with a shotgun?"


Dispatcher: "Christiansburg 911, what's your emergency?"

Caller: "Yo there's a guy, there's a guy shooting at the New River Mall right now, shooting a shotgun at the mall right now!"


Dispatcher: "Montgomery County 911"

Caller: "Hi, I'm at the Christiansburg mall, I'm an employee at the store Justice. There was just a shooting in the mall."

Hours of police tapes, now piece together the puzzle that left two women wounded at the New River Community College in Christiansburg.

Dispatcher: "All units in route to the community college. Additional reports of shots having been fired. A male subject with a shotgun inside the community college."

Police later identified the shooter as 18-year-old Neil Allen MacInnis of Christiansburg. A student at the community college, authorities say MacInnis parked his car, took a shotgun he'd recently purchased, and opened fire.

Dispatcher: "911..."

Caller: "Someone's shooting at the mall right now at the New River Valley Mall, they're doing it again."

Dispatcher: "We've got help on the way."

Caller: "Somebody's been shot."

One student and one employee of the college were wounded.

Dispatcher: "Did you see the shooter?"

Caller: "We did not. We've seen a girl that's come by our work, she's holding her hip, she's been shot."

"I thought that I had heard probably five shots, it turned out to be nine" said Kate Truxel, a NRCC student.

Truxel was in class when the shots rang out. She said time for her stood still.

"As we were all sitting in the back there, huddled, completely silent, it felt like a half an hour had passed. The police report told us that it was only a matter of five minutes that it happened. And the whole experience was just a very kind of quiet scared. Everyone was scared" she said.

Police say an off-duty security guard subdued MacInnis. MacInnis is facing four separate charges, including two counts of malicious wounding.

Police say there's no definitive motive, however during questioning, MacInnis told authorities prior to the shooting, he was "having a bad week."