Danville Police Need Help Solving 'Violent' Roadside Murder

Reporter: Sarah Bloom l Videographer: Brian Vaughan

Danville, VA - The family of a Danville woman found shot to death Thursday morning says she wasn't perfect, but no one deserves this kind of death.

A man heading to work saw her body Thursday morning, just off the 29 Expressway and called police.

Investigators say Kendra Stokes was shot in the chest, arms, and back.

Police got a 911 call around 10:00 p.m. for multiple shots fired on a nearby road. They searched the area they were called to and didn't find anything. But on Thursday, a commuter found the body near the Corning Drive exit ramp, leaving those headed to work shocked by the sight of a crime scene investigation.

"This was a very violent homicide," said Lt. Scott Eanes with the Danville Police Department. "She had multiple gunshot wounds to her body."

The victim was 24-year-old Stokes. Police say there were so many cartridges near her body, she was likely killed where her body was found.

"It doesn't appear to be random. It appears to be something that was planned out," said Eanes.

For Stokes' family, that news is hardest.

"Nobody deserved to die the way that she did, regardless of how bad you were or whatever," said Nadine Henderson, a family spokesperson. "Nobody deserves to just be gunned down and left on the side of the highway. Just like an animal."

They say Kendra was last seen going to a home on Hughes Street to do a friend's hair. They say her death came as a shock.

"We just want to know why? What did she do that was so terrible where you had to take your life the way that it was taken? Why her life had to be cut short the way that it was? What did she do that was so bad?" said Henderson.

Police say they do have some leads, but need the public's help to figure out what happened. Her family is begging whoever did it, to come forward.

"If you the individual are hearing my voice right now, please have it within your heart to turn yourself in and at least tell us why," said Henderson. "So that we can have some closure."

If you heard anything or saw anything near the Corning Drive exit ramp last night police want you to call them.

They say they really need the public's help to bring this victim justice.