Police Make Arrest in Fatal Roanoke Stabbing

Roanoke, VA - There's been an arrest after Roanoke police found a mother dead and her daughter stabbed this morning.

Pittsylvania County deputies, along with State Police and U.S. Marshals took Michael Alan Iseman, 44, of Roanoke into custody Wednesday after a traffic stop in Henry County.

Iseman is charged in the stabbing.

The incident happened in a duplex at 7th Street and Albemarle Avenue early Wednesday morning.

Roanoke police say Iseman is only charged with aggravated assault right now, awaiting autopsy results in the death of Jeanne Elisabeth Smith, 57, before determining her cause of death.

Roanoke Police say when they got to the duplex they found Elizabeth Wood, 23, on the front porch. Wood was injured after being stabbed multiple times.

Inside the upstairs apartment Wood's mother, Jeanne, was dead. A young child was also found alive and uninjured.

Chantel Weeks has lived next door her whole life and knows the women and child.

"Very outgoing. They took care of the baby they had in there all the time," Weeks said. "I'm just puzzled. I don't know what to think or feel. Cause they didn't bother nobody. They just stayed to themselves."

Herbert Tulley doesn't know what to think either.

"I don't know them but I've seen them around... the girl and the woman and it seemed like everything was quiet," Tulley said.

Tulley and his family just moved into the neighborhood a week ago and all they have been hearing about is violence.

"I have children, a girlfriend and we are trying to have somewhere safe and raise them and if this is the norm I don't want my kids around this," Tulley said.

Police believe the crime was domestic in nature and not random.

The investigation shows Iseman and Smith married early last month.

Iseman is charged with aggravated assault with more charges pending as the investigation continues.