Manhunt Ends in One Arrest and Another At Large

Don Williams & William May

Update: 11:16 p.m.

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police have called off a manhunt that lasted several hours Wednesday. They were searching for two suspects near Campbell Avenue.

They say William May and Don Williams committed a series of crimes near Campbell Avenue. They arrested Williams Wednesday. But May got away, and officers say he could be armed.

Officers put cuffs on Williams fairly early in the process. They then spent the next three hours looking for May.{}It was{}an extensive search in the woods near Fairview Avenue.{}They say May likely got into a vehicle and got out of the area.

But the search was intense, including the state police helicopter. The hunt started around{}6 p.m. when an officer spotted Williams and May near the train tracks. And, that led to a foot chase.

Authorities have been looking for Williams and May for a couple of days now.{}We told you{}Wednesday they are suspects in a string of crimes, including burglary and possibly a home invasion.

Again, May did get away, but police say the neighborhood can sleep easy that he's not in the woods there anymore.{}

"We called up the Virginia State chopper to search the area using the infrared to see if we could find any heat signature or anything inside the wooded area, and were unable to," said Lt. Anthony Martin, Lynchburg Police Department.

A third suspect in this crime spree, Ashley Goings, was arrested this morning, also in a wooded area, off Greene Street.

If you have any information about where May could be, call or text Crime Stoppers.{}The phone number is 888-798-5900


Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police are searching for two people who they suspect committed a series of crimes.

Police released the mug shots of William May and Don Williams.

A third person, Ashley Goings, was arrested Wednesday morning in a wooded area off Greene Street.

The arrest came after police got a tip that the three were living in that area. Williams and May were not found.

Detectives suspect they were involved in a string of crimes, including burglar, grand larceny and possibly a home invasion.

If you have any information about where they are, call or text Crime Stoppers at 1-888-798-5900, visit the Central Virginia Crime Stoppers website to enter a web tip, or text "CVCS plus your message" to 274637.