Police, Judicial Officials Stress the Dangers and Consequences of Moonshine

Pittsylvania Co., Va. - Reality TV has no shortage of bootleggers. Shows like "Moonshiners" - filmed right here in Virginia - show the fun and adventure of making booze, but Commonwealth's Attorney Bryan Haskins says don't be fooled."If Tickle was doing it illegally, he'd be in jail, "Haskins said.Haskins was there Tuesday when the judge sentenced real-life moonshiner Ronald Bray to 2.5 years jail after selling to an undercover informant."He sold $1,500 to our informant and pulled out $22,000 and said that's how much money he has made, " Haskins said.According to the Virginia ABC, it's more than just a tax violation. Moonshine consumption presents a public safety issue."It's not regulated and you just don't know what you are pouring in your body, " said Chris Goodman, VA ABC Deputy Director of Operations.Haskins says it also leads to other crimes - like theft."You're selling and you have all this money and you attract violence, people wanting to come rob you. You can't call the police and say, 'Help, they stole me liquor money.'", Haskins said.According to the ABC, they will continue to crackdown on bootleggers, and they encourage anyone intrigued by the show to think twice before trying it at home.