Police, Fire and EMS Navigate Maze of Lynchburg Construction

Lynchburg, VA- Just like the rest of us, police, fire and EMS crews have to navigate through Lynchburg's construction and detours that have become our maze of a city.

"You can't do them any good if you can't get there," said Lynchburg Fire Chief Brad Ferguson.

The tangled mess of our traffic system is putting our first-responders to the test. So far, they're making the grade. But it doesn't go without planning.

"We do a radio broadcast every day saying what's supposed to be closed, what's going to be open, and if they have any questions they'll either ride it or go check it out," said Ferguson.

"They, through their frequent patrolling, are aware of any construction in their areas, and they make alternate plan routes as they need to," said Cpt. Whit Clark from the special operations division of the Lynchburg Police Dept.

It's part of a first-responder's job to know how to get to you in a crisis. But what if one of their usual routes is suddenly, closed.

"If there's another one that maybe had been a part of our plan and now that's closed, that could really compromise us," said Lynchburg Fire Battalion Chief Keith Johnson.

Because of unexpected closures or detours, fire and EMS crews have been finding themselves more and more on residential streets.

"Some of those streets that we didn't want the public to go down for a thoroughfare, we may have to take those occasionally to decrease our response time," said Johnson.

And occasionally, the endless amount of construction catches up with them.

"Every once in a while we'll forget that some of the big roads are closed and start heading our normal route and then have to go in a different direction," said Joseph Kilgore, a Lynchburg firefighter.

Ferguson and Johnson were also sure to point out that construction workers have been very helpful to rescue crews throughout this process, making it all a little easier to deal with.

If you do see those lights or hear those sirens, do your best to get out of the way.