Police Chief Plans to Amp Up Patrols in Miller Park

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's chief of police is taking action on that fight in Miller Park. He's planning to amp up patrols in the area.

Several hundred people took over Miller Park on Memorial Day, and some physically fought each other.

Details are still getting worked out. Chief Parks Snead did not say exactly how many more officers will be in the park, but he did say there will be more.

Thursday, we wanted to know what regular park-goers think about Miller Park's safety.

Summertime means tanning time for Dorothy Garrett. Miller Park is her go to spot. A fight just four days ago in this otherwise tranquil park isn't scaring her away.

"Do you feel the park is safe?" we asked Garrett. "I do to a certain extent," she replied.

The amateur video that caught the Memorial Day fight has others labeling Miller Park unsafe. Police arrested four people in a brawl: Two adults and two kids. They include 18-year-old Asia Humbles and 24-year-old Cimere Christian. Both were arrested for inciting and participating in a riot, and obstruction of justice.

Chief Parks Snead promises he plans to clean up the park with more officers.

"Our goal is to make the park a place where illegal behavior will not be tolerated," said Snead.

For Bobby Harrison it's about time more officers patrol. Miller Park is practically in his front yard, and says he sees more fights than police.

"I can tell you in four years time I've seen the police come up this street...I can count it on both hands. Allied Cab comes through here more than anybody else," said Harrison.

In the last six months, police responded to Miller Park 21 times for disorderly conduct, drunkenness or drugs. Police say that's not a lot. But, this park-goer would like to see an officer or two even more.

"I do not think it would hurt for them to come more often," said Garrett.

Snead says public parks are the heart of our community. How we treat and behave in parks is a measure of our community. He went on to say this is a great community, and we must behave accordingly in city parks.