Police Chief Flinchum Stepping Down at VT

Blacksburg, VA - Another prominent name in Blacksburg is stepping down.

Police Chief Wendell Flinchum's last day is Friday.

Flinchum was honored at the Inn at Virginia Tech Thursday afternoon.

Wendell Flinchum has spent nearly thirty years in law enforcement, every day of which has been at Virginia Tech.

Flinchum began in 1985 as a patrol officer. In 2006, he became Chief a mere four months before April 16 2007, when 32 people were killed on campus.

Dr. Sherwood Wilson, a Virginia Tech Vice President told ABC 13 about the tech police department.

"He's made it one of the model departments in the country," Wilson said.

"He's a man of integrity, and when you look at what really defines true leaders, to me integrity is the key to the entire enterprise," Steger said.

Flinchum told ABC 13 back in November when he announced his retirement, he just knew the time was right, and he plans to one day work again, just not in law enforcement.