Police: Charges Pending For Parents Who Left Three Kids In Hot Car

Danville, VA -- Danville police say charges are pending for parents that left their three kids in a hot car. According to police, a 10-year-old and two 4-year-olds were in the car for just over a half hour Tuesday afternoon.

Police say this car was left turned off but with the windows down. They say it got to more than 90 degrees inside the car. And as we've told you, it only takes minutes for cars to get that hot in the summer heat. Thankfully police say in this case, the kids were not hurt.

According to Captain Dennis Haley, the kids were left in the Harris Financial Center parking lot. Haley says someone saw the kids in the car and alerted a police officer in the lot. The officer took the kids out and got them into an air conditioned building. Haley says they did call Social Services. He says this should serve as a warning to all parents about the potential dangers of hot cars.

"We are not going to advise you to leave you children unattended in a vehicle at any time, certainly not thinking you will be able to run into a public building, get in and get out quickly," says Haley.

Police say they did find an opened beer inside the car too. They are still investigating what happened. But Haley says the charges will likely amount to at least one felony.