Plans to Restore Train Depot Back on Track

Amherst, VA - Plans to restore an Amherst County train depot are moving forward.

Last week, the board of supervisors voted to apply for a nearly $900,000 grant to complete the final phase of the project, with an additional $190,000 the county would have to pay.

There's still no final plan for what the building will be used for. The county's talked about turning it into a welcome center or even office space for the chamber of commerce.

The Virginia Department of Transportation has agreed to cover $1.6 million of the total $1.9 million dollar project. If it isn't completed, the county will have to pay $510,113.

Still, some taxpayers think it's just a waste of money.

"I don't think they should spend another dime up there," said Bill Wydner, whose earliest memories involve watching the trains depart.

The deadline to apply for the new grant is February 1st. The county will likely find out if it received the money sometime this summer. The director of planning and zoning says there's no timeline for when the project will be finished.