Plane Makes Crash Landing in Roanoke, No Injuries

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Regional Airport came to a standstill for several hours Tuesday after a plane made a crash landing.

No one was hurt when the twin engine King Air plane made the unscheduled stop around 10:15 a.m.

The flight started in Chesterfield County en route to Blacksburg when trouble developed.

A spokeswoman for the airport says the plane's right landing gear failed which forced a controlled crash landing right at the intersection of where Roanoke Regional's only two runways intersect.

No one was hurt, and there were no flames to extinguish, but the accident did force the airport to close its runways for more than three hours.

All told two incoming planes and five outbound planes were affected.

"We had to bring in a crane to lift the aircraft off the airfield and move it to another location. We were also siphoning off fuel at that point as well to make sure there was no fuel spill," said Amanda DeHaven with the Roanoke Regional Airport.

Of those two delayed inbound planes, one had to divert to Lynchburg for fueling after circling Roanoke for quite some time.

Those outbound delays ended up costing travelers about four hours.