Places to Recycle Electronics in Lynchburg

Reporter: Lauren Compton

Lynchburg, VA - The Environmental Protection Agency is hoping you will recycle your old gadgets instead of throwing them away.

EPA says recycling keeps toxins out of the ground, and wells. There are several places in Lynchburg that will recycle electronics. Best Buy will recycle things like DVD's, computers, printers, and cell phones. Batteries Plus will also take some items.

You can also donate your old gadgets to non-profits like the YWCA.

"We recycle unused telephone and use them to give to our victims of domestic violence as a safety feature, and helping to empower them and help keep them safe. A lot of people don't have phones these days," said Linda Ellis-Williams, Director at YWCA of Central Virginia.

Go to this website for a list of places to recycle your electronics: