Pizza Deliveries Sky Rocket During Snow Storms

Lynchburg, VA - A business that tends to thrive in the snow is pizza delivery.

Papa John's in Lynchburg says they make a killing in deliveries in the snow.

Employees there say they can see as much business during one storm, as they'll see during a busy weekend night.

They'll deliver hundreds of pizzas to people who don't want to venture out into the bad weather.

"We get a ton of orders. We see about a Friday's amount of orders, which is probably $5,000 worth of business on a regular Monday if it's snowing that day. So, it can get pretty crazy in here if it's snowing outside" said Papa John's Manager, Kris Creasy.

Papa John's employees say they'll have a fleet of delivery workers Thursday, driving four-wheel-drive vehicles, to deliver pizzas well into the night.