Pittsylvania County School Board Takes Closer Look at Religious Exemption Rules

Pittsylvania Co., VA - The Pittsylvania County School Board is tweaking a few things to make sure they are in compliance with the Virginia code when it comes to parents requesting religious exemption from school for their child.

According to the Virginia Code and the Pittsylvania County Schools code, a parent can request that their child no longer attend school and get their education from home instead because of religious reasons, as long as the student also agrees.
For years Pittsylvania County Schools has granted religious exemption if a parent writes a letter to the school board requesting it, but they've left out the part of the student also consenting to a religious exemption.
"Should we be getting input according to the law from the student? Whether that be a signature or whether the parent signs off that the student is in agreement. We're only trying to make sure that we're in compliance with the law,"said James McDaniel, Pittsylvania County Schools Superintendent.
At the next board meeting, they'll discuss how to get student consent for religious exemption.McDaniel said this situation does not have anything to do with home schooling.He said they have fewer than 10 parents every year that request religious exemption for their student.