Pittsylvania Co. NAACP Accuse Hughes Center of Discrimination

Danville, VA -- The Pittsylvania County branch of the NAACP is accusing Hughes Center of racial discrimination. They say there have been several instances including wrongful termination. Monday, the NAACP as well as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Danville and Pittsylvania County held a press conference.

The Hughes Center is a treatment center and day school for people with intellectual disabilities.

The NAACP as well as the SCLC say their investigation started in June when many workers were upset over a doll hanging in front of the Hughes Center. They say the doll along with a sign that reads 'one way', in front of a two way road, are obviously a racial attack.

Supposedly, it was left there for several months until the NAACP contacted them. Other instances of discrimination include not allowing African American employees to have 1st shift positions or advancement within the company.

They say that multiple employees of the company including CEO, Mike Triggs were involved in the discrimination that involved intimidation. The NAACP says if the Hughes Center does not fix this behavior, they plan to take their case to the next level.

"When you are in a hostile work environment, it's just bad and it's a big deal to them because it is their livelihood," said Willie Fitzgerald, President of Pittsylvania County Branch of NAACP.

The Hughes Center released a statement saying they deny any allegations.