Pittsylvania County Mother Plans Candle Lighting After the Loss of Her Son

Dry Fork, VA - Lucas Wayne was your typical little boy - who loved playing, laughing and being the focus of his mother's attention.

"He was a silly boy. He loved the Redskins. He would count to three "R-G-3" if anybody asked him, " Francis said.
That all changed in March when Lucas became ill one morning - coughing and running a low grade fever.
Francis, a nurse at Danville Regional Medical Center, decided to take Lucas to the E-R after a vomiting spell, but things took a sudden turn.
"On the way, he stopped breathing and lost his pulse, " she said.
Lucas died that day from a fatal case of the flu - something that rarely ever turns deadly.
"It's like one in a million chance and why did my child have to be that one in a million," said Francis.
Now, as she tries to get through the holidays, she is hosting a candle lighting service, to show support for others who are also grieving.
Kathy and Jacob Davis are planning to attend the ceremony at the Dry Fork Volunteer Fire Department.
They lost their 18-month-old daughter Madeline to a rare brain disorder in February - and will be lighting a candle in her honor.
"Just to have somebody else to talk to, they know how I feel, " said Kathy Davis.
Francis hopes it will give strength to others who may feel like they can't go on.
"It's giving me something to do to get my mind off of the fear of the holidays, as well as helping other families remember children they've lost, " Francis said.
The candle lighting service will be held at 7 PM. Dinner will be served at 5 PM. You are welcome to bring your own candles or purchase one for $2.
To RSVP for the event, contact Francis at 434-251-3482 (call or text) and