Pittsylvania County Man Had Big Plans for Burned Home

Pittsylvania Co., VA - It's a buyer and seller's worst nightmare: A home in the process of being sold burned to the ground Thursday in Blairs.

When Van Gibson put down a deposit on this Blairs foreclosure, he never could have predicted the way things would end.

"We had big plans to remodel it, possibly rent it out, possibly sell it, " said the purchaser Van Gibson.
Thursday, fire crews where called to the Finch Drive address where flames had fully engulfed the home.
"We did a defensive attack which is an attack from the outside and knocked the fire down, " said the assistant fire chief of Blairs Fire and Rescue.
"I read about it on your website, and I knew that was it, " Gibson said.
After seeing the pictures for himself, he confirmed that the burned pile of rubble was the home he had hoped to fix up and resell.
The listing agent did not want to speak on camera but he told us that this was the first time he's ever seen this happen in 25 years.
Local broker Laura Lewis says though it is uncommon, there are clauses in contracts that protect purchasers from situations like this.
"It states plainly in there how the transaction transpires from that point forward, " Lewis said.
Thanks to those provisions, Gibson will be able to get his deposit back. He says the only thing he really lost is time, and he's thankful no one was hurt.
"Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. We'll just have to back up and start over, you know find something else, " Gibson said.
The cause of that fire is still under investigation. I'm told the seller of the property has contacted the insurance company and is waiting to see what the next steps will be.