Pittsylvania County Girls Breaking Stereotype in Little League Football

Danville, VA - This football season, the Pittsylvania County Youth Football League has some girl power on the field.

There are three girls playing football in the youth football league this season.

It's something quite uncommon, but the coaches say the girls are just as tough as the boys.

"From the time she started walking she's put pads on and a helmet on," Mike Cassada, who has daughter on football team,

Several of the little league teams are sporting female players. For Halle Cassada, 6, and Nyiesha Miller, 9, this is their first time playing on a team.

Their parents had concerns in the beginning.

She's my daughter and I don't want her to get hurt," said Cassada.

They knew their daughters were cut out for it, though.

"She's got older brothers and she's pretty tough, she holds her own," Cassada.

"She plays with more boys than she does girls," Reggie Fitzgerald, who has daughter on football team.

For eight-year old India Edmunds, this is her third year on the team.

"It ran in my blood. I have two brothers that play football and I have an aunt that plays football and my mom used to play with my aunt," Edmunds said.

The coaches say they don't treat the girls any differently.

"Young ladies are just as physically capable to play football as the young men are," said Coach of the Tunstall Titans Grant Keatts.

The coaches say they hope other girls will give the sport a chance, and break the stereotype that football is a male sport.

"We don't separate boys and girls here. We're all football players and she gets treated like a football player. I expect the same out of her as everybody else and she lives up to the expectation no doubt," said David Hubbard, Coach of the Chatham Cavaliers.

"I think times are changing. These little girls are just as tough as these little boys," Cassada said.