Pittsylvania County Fire Departments Use Team Work When Access to Water Supply is Scarce

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Seven fire crews spent almost five hours fighting A fire in Pittsylvania County on Wednesday that left a family of three homeless.The fire was on Wither Lane in Dry Fork. There wasn't a fire hydrant in front of the home, but Pittsylvania County Fire Marshal, Steve Bowman, said even if there was, the house still couldn't have been saved.Bowman said since there are many rural areas in the county, fire crews are used to having to put fires out without having easy access to a fire hydrant.In the case of the fire on Wednesday on Wither Lane there was actually a fire hydrant about a mile away from the burring home. Crews pumped water out of that hydrant into a tank and were shuttling it to the scene.A firefighter with the Tunstall Volunteer Fire Department was one of those transporting water to the scene, he said there have been worse situations.He said sometimes there isn't a water supply for about five or six miles. In that case, shuttling water to the scene becomes a longer process, but they use team work and other fire departments in the area join in to help."It's more organized than you realize it is. But to the average person riding by it's like a bunch of people running around everywhere, but that's not the case always," said Clyde Inman, a firefighter with the Tunstall Volunteer Fire Department.The cause of Wednesday's fire is still under investigation. There were only minor injuries to some household pets.