Pittsylvania County Farm Turns Into Winter Wonderland

Pittsylvania Co., VA - A local farm spent weeks decorating for the holidays because they have 42 acres to cover. Owen Farm in Pittsylvania County says they do it all for the kids.

"We need to be the light of the world. And it's about Jesus Christ's birthday and shining his light. And we turn on all the lights to glorify him," said David Owen, owner of Owen Farm.

When Owen says turn on the lights, he means it. Over the past five winters, the Christmas spirit has grown, now turning his farm into a 42 acre winter wonderland.

"We started out selling our Christmas trees and we started adding a little bit and the kids get so excited coming out to the farm that we just started adding more and more," said Owen.

Visitors drive through hundreds of thousands of lights, see Santa, figurines, and on some nights, even enjoy hay rides. They even have a live nativity scene with a donkey and a couple of sheep.

"They get to see the true meaning of Christmas," said Owen.

"It's lights from the time you go in to the time you exit. It's awesome," said Dana Shively, who brings her kids to Owen Farm.

So how do they create all of this? Owen says they divide and conquer. For more than a month, he and a handful of volunteers work six hours a day.

"It was pretty organized and the wonderful help again that made it happen," said Owen.

And what about the electric bill?

"It's not that bad. A lot of people think it is but you know it's really irrelevant...that's part of our giving," said Owen.

They say just wait until night falls and the lights come on.

"Our big thing is the kids, the families, a place for it to come, a safe haven, and to shine a light," said Owen.

They are open every night except Sundays and Mondays from now until December 22. When Christmas is over, they say that the decorations are much easier to take down.