Pittsylvania Co. Voters Hoping Election Day Kinks Get Worked Out This Year

UPDATE: 5:49 p.m.

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Voters in Pittsylvania County are hoping Election Day will be glitch free this year after glitches last year.

The problems were linked to touch screen voting machines, but county officials hope their new voting system will change that.

The county received a grant earlier this year to replace touch screen machines with paper ballots. The registrar hopes the old school fill-in-the-blank method will give voters peace of mind.

ABC 13 met Charles Turner last year, just after the Presidential Election. Turner was angry, saying he had not gotten to choose his favorite candidate because the Presidential section of the touch-screen ballot was unclear.

"I don't miss stuff, but last year I did," Turner said.

Turner was not alone.

"After our interview last year, a lot of people came forward to me saying, 'I'm glad you brought that out because I couldn't find it either,'" Turner said.

Several voters throughout Pittsylvania County went to Registrar Jenny Lee Sanders with their concerns, and she took action.

"The machines are older. We were having some failures," Sanders said.

Sanders says the electoral board had been considering a new system for a few years, mostly because it's such a hassle to get touch screen machines serviced.

"The electoral board and I decided it was better to go with the paper ballot and the scanner," Sanders said.

This year, voters will fill in the blank next to the candidate of their choice, and send the ballot through a scanner.

Turner thinks this more familiar method will help some older voters who disliked the touch

"If they know there's a paper ballot this year, they'll come back. They'll be voting," Turner said.

Turner says despite his bad luck last year, he'll be giving it another shot too.

"I vote every year, every time. I feel confident that this time it will go right," Turner said.

A few voters in Danville also experienced voting issues last year, but the registrar there decided to keep the touch screen machines.


Pittsylvania Co., VA - Voters in Pittsylvania County are hoping for a smooth Election Day after several voters experienced problems at the polls last year.

Charles Turner says when he voted in 2012 using a touch screen machine, he did not see the Presidential section of the ballot, preventing him from casting his vote.

This year the county has gone back to paper ballots.

ABC 13 asked Turner if he's willing to give the new ballots a try after his bad experience with the former machines. Watch ABC 13 at 5:30 to find out.