Update: Pittsylvania Co. Sheriff's Office Announces Death as Accidental

Update: Pittsylvania Co., VA - A family finally has closure tonight after an eleven month long investigation into a death at a Pittsylvania County company.

Last May, 57-year-old Daniel Graney of Browns Summit, North Carolina died while working at Intertape Polymer.

Now his death has been ruled an accident.

Sheriff Mike Taylor called a press conference Tuesday morning to announce the findings of the tedious investigation.
They say Daniel Graney was attempting to take a picture of a piece of equipment from a catwalk almost 40 feet high when he fell.
The Sheriff's office responded to the scene where Graney was pronounced dead.
According to Taylor, the past eleven months have been filled with witness interviews and evidence gathering.
Taylor says they wanted to be as thorough as possible to rule out murder or suicide.
"It was an impact for our community. Many questions were asked, and we thank everyone for their patience and understanding, " Taylor said.
Graney's wife of 35 years was there along with his daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter.The family says they are grateful that investigators spent so much time digging into this case.
"It gave some dignity back to his name and his work ethic and his integrity, " Mrs. Graney said.
Graney was employed by Intertape Polymer for seven years. Taylor said the company's executives were very helpful throughout the investigation.


Pittsylvania Co., VA - The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's office has just released its findings in its investigation of a death last year at Intertape Polymer.

Daniel Graney, 58, of Browns Summit, North Carolina fell off a 34-foot tower last May and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The sheriff announced Tuesday that after a lengthy and detailed investigation talking to many witnesses, the death has been ruled accidental, not suicide or murder. The cause of death was blunt force trauma, after falling from a catwalk where Graney was sitting, to a catwalk down below.

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