Pittsylvania Co. Residents Against Group's Plans to Expand No-Kill Animal Shelter

Pittsylvania Co., VA - The Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania County has hit a huge bump in the road in its efforts to expand.

The group has been raising money to buy land for a no-kill shelter. But this week the planning commission recommended that their request for a special use permit be denied.

The Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania County says they've found the perfect piece of land to start a no-kill animal shelter.

"We wanted something that looked like a home and it does have an existing old farm home that we're going to renovate and we wanted enough land that the animals will be able to run and play and enjoy the land," said Angela Honeycutt, a board member of AWLOPC.

But the Pittsylvania County Planning Commission and residents that live nearby say it's not the perfect location.

"I'm against it 100 %," said John Haskins, a resident.

The land sits on Franklin Turnpike Road in Chatham, a heavy residential area with plenty of concerns.

"Noise... Because I know I just have one dog and it can get loud sometimes, but we were concerned about a number of dogs, we were concerned about odor," said Pam Holley, a resident.

" We don't need dogs howling and barking all night, I'd rather not have it," said Haskins.

The league says they understand the concerns, but they won't be an issue.

"We will be having a three fence system on this facility, we feel that quite comfortable that we will not have a problem with animals getting out," said Honeycutt.

They also say dogs will only be out from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. And they'll follow required ordinances when it comes to the smell.

"We can understand appreciate the neighbors, but why would anybody be against saving the lives of these animals," said Honeycutt.

The organization has started a petition to help gain support. The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors will be making a final decision on June 18. If it is denied, the league says they'll just have to look for another location.