Pittsylvania Co. Non-Profit in Need of Money to Help Save Animals

Pittsylvania Co., VA - A non-profit organization on the Southside that helps animals in need seriously needs the community's help.

Volunteers of The Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania County foster dogs in order to prevent them from being euthanized. Their mission is to have a no-kill pet adoption center, so they can save more animals.

"In Danville we have the humane society, in Martinsville, we have the SPCA, and there was nothing in the county except the pound, and the pound is really a life sentence for any animal that goes in there because they don't have the facility to keep animals," said Mary Hicks Heitzler, Co-founder of AWLOPC.

The Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania County made a deal with a local pound to take in dogs that are about to put down. Since then, they say the euthanasia rate for dogs in the area has decreased drastically.

"They have reduced the euthanasia rate down from 83% to 44%," said Angela Honicutt, a Board Member of AWLOPC.

They Animal Welfare League has 12 volunteers who foster the dogs and get them healthy enough to be adopted.

"I hate to see dogs that are beautiful sweet animals be killed and so when they rescue them, it goes to a forever home to somebody who really wants to love and have a dog," said Steven East.

"We make sure that the animal is completely vetted, has all of it's shots, it's been spade or neutered and that it has a microchip," said Honicutt.

The need in the county is growing, the group says.

"We are maxed out right now, we need more space," said Honicutt.

Honicutt says they need more volunteers and want to remodel a building into a no-kill pet adoption center.

Right now, their goal is to raise $126,000 by June 25 to buy more land.

"We can have a place where we can have all the animals all together and people can come and see them and get to know them a little bit, I think we'll have a lot higher adoption rate," Heitzler said.

The organization's main goal is to raise $700,000 by the end of the year to remodel the building and to get the facility up and running.

If you would like to help, visit their webpage here.