Pittsylvania Co. Mourns Loss of Board of Supervisors Chairman Ecker

Pittsylvania Co., VA - It has been an emotional past couple of days for some folks in Pittsylvania County who have been paying tribute to the late Chairman of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors, Marshall Ecker.

Ecker died unexpectedly of a heart attack Thursday afternoon.

There was a graveside funeral service for Ecker Saturday afternoon in Gretna. The Virginia National Guard was also there to honor him as a Vietnam veteran.

On Sunday Piney Grove Baptist Church held a Celebration of Life ceremony for Ecker.

They read several scriptures and people shared memories about Ecker.

A County Supervisor and the Pittsylvania County Sheriff also shared some words.

The Pastor of Piney Grove Baptist Church says he was loved by many in the community.

"People truly felt like he would be their voice. And he would always say, who's going to stand up for them if he didn't. So I think folks saw how genuine Marshall was for his character and his integrity," said Matthew Speck, Pastor of Piney Grove Baptist Church.

Marshall Ecker was 68. He's survived by his wife Ann, and his son, Jason.