Update: Pittsylvania Co. Man Arrested After He Crashes Truck Into Home

Danville, VA - Homeowner Toni Bayes didn't know what to expect after hearing a loud crash at her Parkway Drive home Thursday night.
"I saw the car there so I went and called 911," Bayes said, but there was no one inside.
A passerby told her a man had run from the vehicle - just minutes before.
Police say that man is 26-year-old Zachary Norton. He's now facing a list of charges, including DUI and felony assault and battery for spitting on a police officer.
"It's not something we see everyday," said Lt. Michael Wallace with Danville Police, but some say parts of this story sound all too familiar.
In April of 2012, police say Norton drove an SUV into the home of Joseph Hudson, after running a stop sign.
The vehicle also struck a car with two passengers before hitting the house.
"I never seen an automobile in a house like that, " said Hudson.
Norton was charged with driving under the influence of drugs in that incident, but he was found not guilty.
Police say it's rare to see cars go into homes, but when it happens, it can be costly.
"It can cause a great deal of damage. You're talking about a vehicle into a home, and those are the two most expensive pieces of property that you will ever own probably, " Wallace said.
The wreck caused about 25 thousand dollars in damage to Bayes's home. She's just glad that's all she lost.
"If anybody had been in that front room they would've been dead. It could've been a lot worse, " she said.


Danville, VA - A Pittsylvania County man is facing some serious charges after police say he crashed a truck into a Danville home and assaulted an officer.
Zachary Norton, 26, is charged with Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement officer, Hit and Run and DUI.
Police say Norton was heading north at around 10 p.m. Thursday when he lost control and hit a house in the 100 block of Parkway Drive.
Only one person was home at the time, and they were not injured.
Norton was taken to Danville Regional Medical Center with what are described as moderate injuries. He is being held in Danville City Jail under a $25,000 bond.