Pittsylvania Co. Gets New Voting Machines

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Pittsylvania County is the second of just two counties in Virginia to receive brand new voting machines

The 30 new machines will be in place just in time for the November elections and will replace the old touch screen systems.

Instead, voters will now fill out a paper ballot and then feed it into the machines to be collected after polls close.

Jenny Lee Sanders, Pittsylvania County Registrar, says the sale of touch screen voting machines was prohibited in 2007. Sanders also says the machines were known to cause mistakes.

There was a lot of confusion there in last year's election and many said they didn't get to vote for President because the layout was confusing.

"With a paper ballot it's there in front of you, you're putting your hands on it, you're marking it yourself. There's no danger of it going...the screen going dark or whatever," Sanders said.

The county also received equipment designed to help disabled voters cast their ballots.