Pittsylvania Co. 4-H Program Needs More Volunteers

Pittsylvania Co., VA - An organization in Southside is looking to expand, but it needs the help of more volunteers to make it happen.

The extension agent for the Pittsylvania County 4-H program says most of their volunteers are based in Gretna and Chatham, so their goal is to have more volunteers and clubs in the Southern part of the county.

The 4-H clubs offer a wide range of activities that promote leadership, citizenship and life skills.

The Pittsylvania County 4-H program has 150 members, and is continuing to grow.

"I'm going to work myself to death if I try to reach all the youth in Pittsylvania by myself, and by using volunteers and working with the already active and engaged volunteers we already have right now, we'll be able to reach so many more and make much more of an impact," said Adam Ford, and Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development.

If you would like volunteer with the Pittsylvania County 4-H Program, click here.