Pit Bulls on the Loose After Killing Two Dogs

Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: RJ Burnette

Danville, VA -- A potentially vicious pit bull is on the loose in Danville, and officials say it is a threat to people and their animals.

Monday, The pit bull, along with another one, killed two dogs in their own fenced-in yards. Police shot and kill one of the two pit bulls.

Authorities are assuming they have the same owner because they stayed together and looked identical. Neither of the dogs had tags, so they don't know who they belong to. Officials say the most recent sighting was Tuesday afternoon, but that last dog still hasn't been caught.
"I went back there to feed him and I see him slumped over dead. The two pit bulls was in his cage and they rose up and I ran back to the house," said Frankquan Womack.
It was a scary sight for 16-year-old Womack, who never expected his 2.5-year-old black lab Coal to become a victim in his own backyard.
"It's dangerous, somebody's child could get hurt or something," said Womack.
After that first attack around 1 p.m. Monday on Stokes Street, the two pit bulls ventured a few streets away to Industrial Avenue and Robert Stephens' shop.
"Usually they will bark and I didn't hear them barking. I got inside and raised the shop door up and I looked outside and I saw the dog lot but I saw two big dogs inside the pen," said Stephens.
When Stephens got to his Shepard-Lab mix, Smokey, it was too late.
"There was nothing I could do. I think it was his last breath he was having," said Stephens.
Police shot and killed one of the two pit bulls Monday, but they're still patrolling for the other. They're warning neighbors like Angela Womack, whose seven young grandchildren live near the attack site.
"The dogs weigh more than the kids weigh and the head makes two of my grandkids heads in one," said Angela Womcak.
For now, the pet owners just want the other dog found, so no one else will have to suffer.
"Hurt. I mean it's a pet. Just like part of the family," said Stephens.
Police say the loose dog is a black and grey pit bull weighing around 75 pounds. They are asking everyone to take your dogs inside. If you see the dog, call police.