Pirates Regatta Gets Creative On A Rainy Day

Clarksville, VA-- It was a been a soggy day on Saturday, but that didn't stop some folks on the Southside from having fun outside.More than forty people got together in Clarksville for the 7th annual Pirates Regatta. It was a fun even to benefit the Lake Country SPCA.This year's event was different from previous years. Every year the pirates regatta has been held on Buggs Island Lake, where groups board their boats for some good old fun competition. However, with the rain, they decided to make some changes.They moved the event on ground, and they say they still had lots of fun.A group of adults dressed up as pirates is quite an interesting sight. It was all for the 7th Annual Pirates Regatta to benefit the Lake Country SPCA.

"It's very fun and very wet," said the event organizer, who goes by 'Captain Jack'.This year the rain the moved the event underneath a shelter at A & K Docks in Clarksville. Every other year it's on Buggs Island Lake"Pirates are given 20 tennis balls per ship. They pass by pirate ship in which they throw the tennis balls in the net. Each tennis ball in the net reduces their time. In the meantime what happens is that there are pirates on board the pirate ship. They're shooting back at the individuals throwing the tennis balls," said Captain Jack. The group with the lowest elapsed time wins a trophy.As the rain moved the event on ground, the pirates had to get creative."We built a dolly and we put an aluminum boat on it. We're going to load people in the boat, but play like we're in the water. We're going to have people pushing the boat around on the dolly and we're going to try and duplicate the same thing," said Greg Sansing, a participant.The event is something organizers said they just couldn't let the rain cancel. Their local SPCA is in great need."The SPCA would falter if it didn't have the community backing it, and so we're doing our part," Sansing said."They do a really good job. They have lost their existing facility. They are trying to move into a new facility, and so this whole thing is a building fund. It's named Give Me Shelter," Captain Jack said.

The event usually raises around $2,000, and this year a donor decided to do a dollar for dollar match. If you'd like to contribute, visit one of the event sponsors,Virginia Avenue Mall in Clarksville, to donate.