Pipe Bursts in Control Tower at Roanoke Regional

Roanoke, VA - A burst pipe made things a bit hectic at Roanoke Regional Airport Tuesday.

The biggest challenge of the day for the airport staff was moving control tower operations to the basement of the tower after the tenth floor started taking on water from a busted pipe.

The tenth floor is where the "cab" is. It's basically the nucleus of the tower, where electronics and water made for a bad mixture.

The good news is that there was no disruption to flights that were coming in or departing because of the burst pipe.

The main problem was left up to the winter weather in other places in the Midwest where snow is a big issue.

"Things like that are going to impact our service here and when things start going bad at the big airports then it trickles down to smaller airports," said Spokesperson Amanda DeHaven.

"We were supposed to go through Chicago but that closed down. I was supposed to be out here on Sunday and I'm just getting here today," said traveler Don Rosendale.

Between Thursday and Friday, ten departures were cancelled along with nine arrivals.

Affected passengers were booked on other flights bypassing the weather or on flights from nearby airports.