Pile of Trash at Point of Honor a Mystery

Photographer: Levi Washburn

Lynchburg, VA- If you've visited the Point of Honor Trail in Lynchburg lately - you probably saw the new addition to the Hollins Mill entrance. It's a pile of tires and trash, about four feet high, sitting right in front of the Point of Honor sign.

No one knows how the pile got there, or exactly how long it's been there.It's quite a mystery, but Parks and Rec officials have an idea of what happened. Andrew Reeder, the Parks Service Manager, has several suspicions about where the trash came from. And he's trying to track down the culprits, or good Samaritans behind it.

It's the mystery of the Point of Honor trash pile. Could it have been dumped by a random citizen? If that's the case, they're looking at some hefty fines. But look at the location. Who would leave their trash in plain sight?

"Why is it here? I mean it's in front of one of the nice signs too," said Sarah Quesenberry, a trail user.

What about Parks and Rec? Is it part of their cleanup efforts?

"They keep things clean. I remember when the storm hit a few weeks ago they had everything cleaned up within a few days because I was back on the trail soon after. They did a great job of clearing it out. So I don't think they would have done something like that," said Quesenberry.

They didn't. Parks and Rec just learned about it last week. So if Parks and Rec didn't do it, and it wasn't an illegal trash dump, where'd it come from?

"We have formal groups that have adopted certain sections of the trail," said Andrew Reeder, Parks Services Manager.

Good Samaritans, cleaning up the trail and river.

"We had a lot of people that just were volunteering and picking stuff up, which was great," said Reeder.

But unexpected. That's why the pile's been sitting there so long. So, officials got out their trucks and hauled it off. Leaving the entrance clutter-free and the mystery of the Point of Honor trash pile solved--almost. We still don't know who exactly is behind all that hard work.

"Some citizen spent a heck of a long time cleaning those tires out of the creek and there were falls and other stuff that you could tell that had been in the water for quite some time. So they did a heck of a job and they should be commended for it," said Reeder.

Reeder says he'll be on the case tomorrow trying to track down exactly who dedicated all that time to keeping the trails clean. He says he appreciates the help keeping Lynchburg trails and parks looking their best.