Pickleball Debuts in Subway Commonwealth Games

Lynchburg - One of the new sports debuting this year in the Subway Commonwealth Games is pickleball, the competition being held at Lynchburg's Boonsboro Country Club. Pickleball has attracted a whopping 150 participants in its first year in the Games. So what IS pickleball? It's sort of a combination of tennis and table tennis, a fast-paced game played on a mini tennis court with a baseball-sized whiffle ball and an extended paddle. Two big differences from tennis, you must serve UNDERHANDED and you can't slam in the front court, overheads only in the backcourt.

Judy Bowman, PICKLEBALL GAMES COORDINATOR, said "They enjoy the fast pace and the fact that the paddle is not like a racket that's sticking way out. You have a lot more control of that ball because your paddle is closer to your body, closer to your hand. And so it's very fast and you know what else, boy we have met so many new friends and people just are enjoying getting out and doing something."