Pickleball Craze Picking Up in Danville

Danville, VA - It may look like tennis, but avid pickleball player Bobby Short will tell you there's more to this game than meets the eye.

"The court is the size of a badminton court. You use a paddle and you use a wiffle ball. It's a blast, " Short said.
For Short and his wife, playing in town was a challenge because there were no designated courts for pickleball playing.
"When my wife and I played, she either had to go to Richmond and play with her cousin, or we had to come to a tennis court and mark the lines with tired of that, " Short said.
Lucky for them, Cindy Jones with Parks and Recreation is also a pickleball enthusiast.Jones has been working hard to increase the amount of interest in the area.
"We had a pickleball clinic just last week for two days, and we are going to have another one in August, " Jones said.
Jones worked with Park Maintenance at Ballou Park to have special lines drawn on two tennis courts for pickleball playing, and since the clinic last week, new players have started coming out to the open courts held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
"It's easy to pick up, and everybody is so friendly. They've been very patient with new beginners, " said newcomer Robin Williams.
Jones says some of the tennis players have been a little reluctant to take to the new craze taking over the courts, but to everyone, she offers this advice:
"Try it. You'll like it, " she said.