Picket Against USPS Consolidation

Roanoke, VA - Postal workers hit the streets Wednesday as part of an informational picket and petition drive to raise awareness about the major changes proposed for the postal service.Beginning January 5th overnight delivery standards will be scrapped in favor of a two day standard if the proposal sticks.It is all part of consolidation by the USPS in an effort to save money.Concern about the consolidation has prompted elected officials, from both parties, to ask the Postmaster General for more time and explanations... letters that have gone unanswered."To not answer at all is ludicrous, totally disrespectful (and) it's time for the Postmaster General to be relieved of his duties," said Carlton Cooper president of APWU Local 482.

WSET spoke with representatives from Senator Warner's office as well as those representing Congressmen Hurt and Goodlatte.

All expressed disappointment that the inquiries have gone unanswered.