Philly Cheese Steak and Things to Move into Old Fenders Building

Danville,VA-- A restaurant in downtown Danville has been closed for a couple weeks, but it's because they're expanding.

Philly Cheese Steak and Things first opened three years ago in the Piedmont Mall. They moved to Main Street last November, and now, they're moving again. This time to Route 58 in the old Fenders building.

Renovations are underway right now and the owners say this location will bring more of a family atmosphere.

"Main Street was smaller and comfortable, and here we just want to open up for more families to come in and sit down ,and enjoy their meal and be comfortable, and just have that type of surrounding," said Deborah Parks, Part Owner of Philly Cheese Steak and Things.

The owners said they hope to have their grand opening by the end of the month.