Phase 2 of Midtown Connector Project Starts Monday in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - One of the busiest two-lane roads in midtown Lynchburg will be down to one-lane starting Monday for Phase 2 of the $18 million Midtown Connector project.

If you take Langhorne Road, Monday morning you might want to think about another route.

The Midtown Connector is shifting priority from Park Avenue on to its next victim: Three busy blocks of Langhorne Road.

For more than a year, crews have put their energy into widening and prettying up Park Ave. At least two people like what they see.

"O, I think the project is very productive, and I can't wait until it gets finished," said Minor Oasis, a Lynchburg resident.

"I'm happy with it, especially with the new bus stop right here makes for easy access," said Tony Montgomery, a driver.

But, Phase 2 means more work on a stretch of Langhorne Road that dips down like a valley. Already, traffic builds up here, and come Monday, it could get a whole lot worse as it becomes a one-lane road.

For traffic heading toward the expressway, you'll have to take the detour for quite some time too.

"This stretch of Langhorne will be under construction for 6-10 months, depending on how weather cooperates," said J.P. Morris, the project manager.

Morris is honest, sharing that people have concerns, but he's staying on top of it.

"We're going to do our best to keep folks informed of changes in the traffic pattern as we go through this work."

The connector means street widening, new sidewalks, and beautification along Kemper, Park, and Langhorne. The goal is to completely rebuild the infrastructure from the expressway to the hospital.

It's a lot of construction, but for those who hate it, some words of wisdom.

"What you tell them is no pain, no gain," said Oasis.

This is a 30-month project. Crews have just wrapped up month 14.