Phase 2 Employee Recovering After Saturday's Fight

Lynchburg, VA- The spotlight is on Lynchburg's Phase 2 after an employee at the concert venue was assaulted over the weekend. Police say a security worker was hit over the head with a beer bottle when he was trying to break up a fight.

David Tolley II says he's been working at Phase 2 since last August. In his time there, he's never seen things escalate so quickly. He says at one point during the night, all he could do was pray that he made it home to his family.

Saturday night around 10:50, the music was blaring at Phase 2, and tempers were flaring. A fight broke out on the dance floor and Tolley tried to break it up.

"I got hit in the back of the head with a beer bottle, from a girl," said Tolley.

Police say that girl was 25-year-old Brooke Michelle Patterson, who's now charged with malicious wounding.

"She hit me in the back of the head right here, and the bottle broke, and she kept coming down after she hit me, and the part she was still holding onto just slit my throat from right here, to about right here," said Tolley.

Tolley was taken to Lynchburg General where he had to have surgery.

This is not the first incident of its kind to happen here at Phase 2. Just over the past two years, Lynchburg Police have visited this spot numerous times, for calls ranging from assault to DUI. Phase 2 has a long list of police calls but Tolley says the business isn't dangerous. He says fights like Saturday's are the exception, not the norm.

"I've seen fights but they're broken up quickly. I've never seen a beer bottle thrown. I've never seen anybody stabbed. I've never seen anything like that."

Still stiff and sore, Tolley is also relieved that things didn't turn out worse. Doctors told him the cut was just barely a centimeter away from severing a major vein. Something he's been thanking God for ever since.

"I'm here, and thank God I am. That was my main goal to make it home to my family and I did."

We also spoke to the Owner of Phase 2, Gary Shotwell. He didn't want to comment on Saturday's incident, or on the numerous police calls to his business. But, he did say rowdy and disruptive clientele are not welcome at his establishment.